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Air Bags
Air Bags

JWA Premier Liftbags & Buoyancy

Manufactured from premium materials and fabrics, JWA is your go to Marine solution. The JWA range of Open Parachute, Enclosed Parachute and Cylindrical Air Lift Bags, with our famous Diver logo, have lifted, floated, salvaged and secured offshore and subsea projects and problems around the world. We continue to be the choice of divers and engineers who need a reliable, quality product in often hazardous environments.

JWA Premier Cylindrical Enclosed Liftbags

For shallow water salvage, draft reduction, surface floatation and towing, the JWA range of Totally Enclosed Cylindrical bags are ideal for controlled general lifting and buoyancy provision.

Remote inflation and deflation of JWA Totally Enclosed Cylindrical bags increases safety and provides lifting options for a wide range of applications.

JWA Premier Parachute Liftbags

An Open End Parachute design with a single point attachment for off angle lifting, JWA bags are in use globally for salvage, lightening and lifting. Using highly durable, premium quality fabrics, our bags survive and excel in the most difficult environments.

JWA Premier SPLB Pipe Laying Bags

The Premier SPLB (Single Point Liftbag) is an enclosed air lift bag with an internal load bearing strop connecting the two stainless steel end fitting attachment rings.

This allows for a high level of  “off angle” lifting and load  support, also gives a load “thru lift” capability that provides a swift and efficient solution for cable and pipe laying operations.

Our Shore End Floats offer an economically priced solution where a lower specification Liftbag fulfils the requirement.